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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Which Nationality is Portrayed as the Most Bad Ass in Hollywood?

As I was watching Atomic Blonde, I came to the realization that Russians are completely bad ass people (at least as they are portrayed in Hollywood). This raised a question, if aliens landed on Earth and we showed them only action movies, what nationality would they fear the most? For each one I chose a few movies or actors that represent their bad ass-ness the best, lets meet the contestants: Russia, Italy, America, Mexico, Germany, Albania, Japan, and China. Time to decide.

Atomic Blonde: The first movie to represent Russia is Atomic Blonde, which is a great movie and if you haven't seen it I recommend it. Charlize is a bad ass in this film but we are going to look at the bad guys here. Honestly, they are almost unstoppable. You can shoot them, beat the shit out of them, run them over, but if you don't shoot them in the head these dudes are coming back. Without giving to much away there is one scene where Charlize takes on four or five huge Russian dudes, she gets the crap kicked out of her but ultimately does the job. There is one guy in particular she does battle with for a solid three minutes, she beats his ass with the handle of a gun, he gets hit in the head with a glass flower vase, it's just a bad ass scene and when you think she is safe that MFer comes back and catches her car. This dude has to be some kind of cyborg.

John Wick: It doesn't get much better then Keanu as JW but we are going to discuss the bad guys again. These Russian mobsters are brutal, they kill the mans dog, steal his 1969 Mustang Mach and they can't seem to understand why he is pissed... I mean they killed the dudes dog ffs! The mobsters beat the crap out of Mr. Wick throughout the movie and their leader even puts a $2 million bounty on JW because he is causing them so much trouble. There are a few things you simply don't mess with, a man's dog or his old school car. These specific mobsters may not be spectacular at any one thing but they have a lot of weapons, man power, and know how to fight.

I did not pick a particular movie here but any movie where the cartel is involved (think Sicario) or any Mexican gang (think End of Watch) they are some scary ass dudes. They are absolutely ruthless and will do anything to succeed in their goal, even if it means dying for the cause. Burying people in walls, using kids as drug mules, and then turning around to use their drug money to buy an incredible mansion on a beautiful spread of land. These are guys you don't want to mess with. They may not be great with hand to hand combat but they know their way around explosives and guns. Another thing I have noticed is their is always a leader of the group but everyone else is gunning for that spot, like I said they are insanely ruthless even if that means against their own group.

Taken: I don't know any other movies with Albanian bad guys but there is no way I could leave this off the list. All the movies on this list are awesome and bad ass but this one takes the cake. Of course Liam is kick ass but think about the villains of this movie. These guys are kidnapping girls and selling them into sex slavery, it doesn't get much worse then that. They are no match for Liam but they put up a nasty fight and just don't give an F. These guys kidnap girls, drug them, sell them at an auction for sex slavery, and if the girls die, they die. I don't think our alien visitors would want their woman kidnapped and sold into sex slavery.

Die Hard: Was there any question what movie this would be? Arguably one of the greatest villains in cinematic history, the one and only HANS GRUBER!!!!!! When I think of Hans Gruber these words pop into my head: ruthless, intelligent, conniving, sly, and evil. His band of misfits wreak legit havoc on Christmas at Nakatomi Tower. They outwit Bruce Willis numerous times, they are good with guns, and in hand to hand combat. Hans is the ringleader and one of the smartest villains in movie history. He knows exactly what he wants and exactly how he is going to get it, he isn't afraid to sacrifice his own men either. The way he speaks is chilling and he is just a stone cold killer.

Clint Eastwood and John Wayne: Instead of picking a movie I picked two of the most bad ass American actors ever. Clint and John Wayne have done it all and have kicked serious ass in the process. Both are killer in hand to hand combat or with a gun, Mr. Wayne has some of the best knockouts in movie history. Clint has played some of the most well known roles and while he used a gun for most of them he isn't afraid to get down and dirty either. Clint is 88 now and there is still no way I would F with him. 

Bruce Lee: Any movie featuring Bruce Lee is going to have two things, Bruce kicking ass and Bruce making some crazy ass screams as he kicks ass. He is arguably the most bad ass dude to ever live, it's like he was created in a lab. He kicked so much ass in such a short time and felt no remorse about it. He was a master with hand to hand combat and even if his enemies had weapons do you think it mattered? No chance. If I were in a dark alley and heard the noises Bruce Lee made, I would immediately fall to my knees and beg for mercy or play dead.

Oddjob: One of the most well known movie characters, this little bastard was a handful. He was deadly with that damn bowler hat and was loyal to the evil Goldfinger until the end. His real name is unknown, he doesn't speak, and is incredibly strong. You simply do not mess with Oddjob. In the video game Goldeneye for N64, he was sometimes banned in multiplayer mode because he was impossible to kill but he would destroy the other players.

The Godfather: The whole Corleone Family is pretty bad ass and one of the greatest film families ever. They are deeply loyal but don't cross them or you will have problems. Not much hand to hand combat is shown but they have the weaponry to cause anyone problems. Smart doesn't even begin to describe the heads of the family, they are usually four or five moves ahead of their enemies. The plans they conjure up are usually flawless and work to perfection. Tommy guns, car bombs, hand guns, shotguns, they have them all. If you are coming at the Corleone's you might want to think again.

The Untouchables: This film shows just how brutal the Italian mob and Al Capone could be. It came out in 1987 so if you haven't seen it then you deserve the spoiler. When they kill Sean Connery's character that is just savage. Capone had everyone on his payroll: cops, judges, politicians you name them Capone was probably paying them off. These guys cared about only one thing, money, and they did whatever they had to do to get it. Like the Corleone's they enjoyed using the tommy gun and they were deadly with them.

Alright so now that's out of the way who would our alien friends be most scared of? For me it's no contest, the Russians win in a landslide. These bastards are ruthless and impossible to kill unless you get them with a headshot. They will not stop until they accomplish the mission or they are dead. They know how to fight hand to hand or with basically any weapon. I think the aliens would be absolutely terrified of Russia as a whole and I definitely don't blame them. The aliens would probably take over the rest of the world but leave Russia to do their own thing just so they didn't have to mess with them. I guarantee any action movie that features Russian's they are going to be tough SOBs and refuse to go down without a fight. They will kick serious ass.

Friday, July 20, 2018

2018 World Cup Wrap Up

The 2018 World Cup will be one that we remember for a long time, or at least until the 2022 Cup kicks off in Qatar. The 2018 Cup was a great tournament though, it had a little bit of everything from break through individual performances to tournament favorites falling early (looking at you Germany, Spain, and Argentina) to incredible goals and everything else in between. I asked James to come back and help me break it down into a few categories: best match, best hair, best goal celebration, best moment, best flop, best goal, and best player.

Before we get to our choices have you checked out the Offended Podcast yet? These guys cover everything in pop culture and sports so make sure to check out their podcast, find them on iHeart RadioiTunes, and their social media pages.

Best Match:

     Kyle: This was one of the best World Cups we have had recently and there were a lot of good matches that gave us some great moments but one match sticks out to me the most, Spain vs Portugal.  This match really set the whole tournament in motion as it was one of the first games to be played. This match had everything except for a winner at the end, it ended in a 3-3 tie and there were plenty of great moments. Spain was winning 3-2 in the 88th minute and Portugal won a free kick right outside the box and Ronaldo stepped into take it. After everything else that happened it was destiny for Ronaldo to score and that's exactly what he did to tie the game and finish with a hat trick. The drama of this game, the matchup of these countries, and the stars playing in this game really set the tone for the 2018 World Cup.

     James: Like the previous World Cup, the matches were intense and had some spectacular finishes. The best match for me was Belgium vs Japan. Japan, having no business being in the knockout stage and playing dishonorably, played an excellent game against one of the World Cup favorites in Belgium. Japan was up 2-0 in the second half and Belgium stormed all the way, back scoring in stoppage time to win 3-2. It was a tremendous game that ended in dramatic fashion.

Best Hair:

     Kyle: Soccer might be best sport for hair, athletes from so many countries with some of the best hair styles you will see. I have two guys that stood out for me, both from Croatia Luka Modric and Domagoj Vida. Luka has a classic soccer look with the thin headband holding his long stringy ass hair out of his face and Vida has something I have never seen before. I'm not sure I can put Vida's hairstyle into words so I will post a picture of this bad ass dude. No chance I am messing with him.

     James: The best hair belongs to "The Lion" Radamel Falcao of Columbia. It's slick, it's wavy, it has the perfect shave right into a great beard and it's lethal. He knows how to put the ball in the net which makes his hair look even better.

Best Goal Celebration:

     Kyle: I have two choices for this one as well, Antoine Griezmann of France and Michy Batshuayi from Belgium. When Griezemann scored in the World Cup final against Croatia he proved that Fortnite is a world wide phenomenon. In the game you have emotes you can choose from to use in the game and Antoine pulled out the "Take the L" emote and it was flawless. He had the dance down perfectly. Batshuayi was not as lucky as Griezmann, after Belgium scored against England he grabbed the ball out of the net. Celebrating a goal he did not even score, he blasted the ball but unlucky for him the goalpost was right in his way and the ball ricocheted off the post and right back into his face. It was absolutely hilarious and he knew it, after the game he posted the picture with the caption "The second just before I knew I f***cked up #InternetUndefeated" Way to take it like a champ.

     James: I am a sucker for the classics when it comes to celebrations and at this point what could be more classic then a Ronaldo celebration.

Best Moment:

     Kyle: The World Cup always has great moments and this one is no exception which makes this a really difficult choice. I am going with Neymar's flop as the best moment......just kidding that will come later. My best moment is the goal Toni Kroos scored against Sweden to keep Germany's hopes alive. Tied with about 15 seconds left in extra time and playing a man down, Germany won a free kick to the left of the goal just outside the box. Kroos stepped up and played a short pass to Marco Reus who passed it back to him. The rest was magic, Kroos hit a bending shot into the opposite corner of the net to give Germany the W. It was an incredible goal, James and a few other friends were at my house and we went nuts when it went in.

     James: The best moment was watching Russia be defeated and leave the pitch losers. They likely would not have qualified if they were not the hosts and they played in the easiest group. They were extremely undeserving of the spot the landed in.

Best Flop:

     Kyle: Is there any question who is winning this one? Do I blame him? Of course not, it gave us this incredible video.

     James: There is only one correct choice here and that is Antoine Griezmann's flop in the final against Croatia. The match had been dominated by Croatia and France was attacking for the first time. Griezmann falls to the ground without being touched and because he is French, he got the call and that turned the tied of the game. They scored on the ensuing free kick and the game changed after that.

Best Goal:

     Kyle: The World Cup gives us some of the best goals you will ever see in soccer and this tournament can earn a player a big payday (just ask James Rodriguez). I will never forget the goal Maxi Rodriguez scored for Argentina during the 2006 World Cup, if you have not seen it do yourself a favor and watch it now. The goal I will remember from this World Cup is the one that Benjamin Pavard score for France against Argentina, it was the definition of a golazo. As the ball bounces out to him just outside the box he hits an incredible strike, watch the video below. That second angle is just amazing, I could watch that till the day I die and never get sick of it.

     James: There are so many good choices for this topic; Ronaldo's free kick against Spain, Pavard's volley against Argentina and Luka Modric's rip from 20 years out against Argentina. Really any goal against Argentina. For me though, the best goal of the tournament came from Toni Kroos of Germany. The difficulty of the shot was important for my decision and this goal had the smallest of angles. It was the last play of the game, Germany was down to 10 men, and that goal was necessary to keep their hopes alive. Ultimately, it wasn't enough for Germany to advance but it won them the three points they needed at the time.

Best Player:

     Kyle: Obviously both Kylian Mbappe and Luka Modric were incredible during this tournament with Luka winning the Golden Boot recognizing him as the best player. I really enjoyed what I saw out of Kevin DeBruyne from Belgium. He is already one of the best player's in the world and I don't think he gets the recognition he deserves. When he was pressing up the field and attacking, Belgium looked unstoppable. I wish we could have seen him in more attacking situations but Belgium needed him on defense at times. He can do anything on the pitch and is an incredible player, he may not put up huge stat lines but without him Belgium would not be the team they are.

     James: This is easy, Luka Modric. He was the engine that propelled Croatia to the final. He uses both feet effectively, manipulates the pitch, and wears the captains band. He was excellent and put on some of the best midfield performances since Zidane in 2006. It's to bad he won't be around for the World Cup in 2022 in Qatar.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

2018 NBA Mock Draft

The 2018 NBA Draft is Thursday, June 21st and I thought that having a mock draft would be fun to do. James is back to draft with me, we alternated picks and since he was the guest I gave him the #1 overall pick. Of course we cannot predict the future and I can almost guarantee we will see a trade or two with teams moving up and down the draft board. We picked who we thought the team would pick and the player that would fit best for that organization. You can find hundreds and hundreds of mock drafts so I decided to add a little wrinkle to it, I also ranked each guy's hair style game (shout out to the Anything But Credible Podcast's own Nick Duggan for the idea). Since I am bald I figured I am an expert on anything hair. Before we get to the drafting, why does no one rock the cornrows anymore? If you have cornrows everyone loves you and I guarantee it makes you 10-20% better then you really are. Melo rocked cornrows at Syracuse and they won the National Championship, that's all I'm saying. Without further adieu let's get to the drafting:

1. Suns: DeAndre Ayton, C University of Arizona Height: 7'0" Weight: 243 Age: 19
James: This pick is as much about the Suns as it is about Ayton. Ayton is the most complete big man in the draft and sizes up to be a 10-15 year player in the NBA. I don't believe he has the highest ceiling in the draft, but for a team like Phoenix, this is a safe bet. He has a body built for the NBA and will be able to slide in to the middle of their team and contribute immediately. He appears athletic enough to step out and cover on switches, but time will tell if he has the lateral quickness to stick with NBA guards on pick and rolls. He was atrocious on defense at Arizona but that could be because he was not locked in as a college player and was looking to the NBA.
     -Hair Game: 4/10 Curls with Basic Fade, unfortunately our #1 pick has a pretty basic hair style so nothing special here. This style is super popular with a lot of a draft picks.

2. Kings: Luka Doncic, PG/SG Real Madrid Height: 6'8" Weight: 228 Age: 19
Kyle: I believe Doncic is the best player in this draft, at the age of 19 he is playing in the second best league in the world and has put up awesome numbers. His offensive game is pretty damn flawless and at the age of 19 his defense can only improve. The court vision he possesses at the age of 19 is extremely special, go on YouTube and look up his videos. Clearly he isn't going to make the Kings a playoff contender but he will help them continue their rebuild with DeAaron Fox and the rest of their young players. But knowing the Kings they will either make a trade for nothing or draft a late round guy.
     -Hair Game: 4/10 Middle Part,  Walk down any high school in America and you will see 400 guys walking around with the same hair cut Doncic rocks.

3. Hawks: Mo Bamba, C University of Texas Height: 7'0" Weight: 226 Age: 20
J: I think Bamba has the most upside in this draft. He is long, athletic and has a high motor. He doesn't have a reliable offensive game yet but could be a Clint Capella type of player. Bamba has shown signs of improving his jumper and has shown the ability to step out to the 3-point line. He is an athletic freak and teams always love that. I think his style of play would match up well with last years first round pick John Collins. If the Hawks take Bamba, their front court would be set for the future and they could build around those guys.
     -Hair Game: 6/10 Afro Fade with Part Line, very similar to Ayton but it is a little taller and has that part line into it so he gets a little higher grade then our #1 pick.

4. Grizzlies: Marvin Bagley, PF/C Duke Height: 6'11" Weight: 234 Age: 19
K: Bagley is a tough prospect to gauge, he had a really good season at Duke but a lot of scouts question how his game will translate to the NBA. He isn't a huge guy so he won't be able to bang down low but he doesn't have the shot to step outside. In today's NBA he really doesn't have a position but he is definitely one of the most talented guys in the draft. He works his butt off and has the ability to play solid defense on guards because of his lateral quickness. For me, Bagley is one of the most intriguing prospects in this draft.
     -Hair Game: 7/10 Mohawk Fade, this one was tough to name but its a pretty sick hairstyle it reminds me of an afro but more under control you could say.

5. Mavericks: Jaren Jackson Jr. PF/C Michigan State University Height: 6'11"
Weight: 236 Age: 18
J: Jackson is a guy that is not talked about enough in my opinion, he is a natural big who showed the ability to step out and hit threes in college. He is a good rebounder and plays solid defense. He will need to bulk up but would be a great paring with Dennis Smith Jr and could be dynamic in pick and roll situations. Plus he is one of the youngest guys in the draft and has one of the highest ceilings.
     -Hair Game: 1/10 Buzz, one of the best prospects in the draft but man step up your hair game, a simple buzz? Come on now.

6. Magic: Trae Young, PG Oklahoma Height: 6'1" Weight: 178 Age: 19
K: The most polarizing player in the entire draft I think, he exploded on the college scene and took ESPN by storm. They had a "Trae Young Counter" during games that would keep track of his stats during games. He definitely had his ups and downs though, he made a lot of careless turnovers and took a lot of wild shots. Young is clearly of player of the Steph Curry generation, he can win you a game but can also lose you one as he did at OU. His defense is non-existent and will be bullied by bigger stronger guards in the NBA. However for a franchise looking for some excitement I think he would be great for Orlando.
     -Hair Game: -10/10 thinning?, he might have the thinnest hair I have ever see and it is just a bad look, shave it clean and rock a headband or something my man.

7. Bulls: Mikal Bridges, SG/SF Villanova Height: 6'7" Weight: 200 Age: 21
J: The Bulls should but probably will not take Bridges, being a part of multiple National Championship teams at Nova has helped build his leadership qualities. He has the body and game type that will translate to the NBA immediately. He is long, shoots the 3 well, and is a solid defender. I don't think he has super star potential but at #7 he would continue the rebuilding process alongside Kris Dunn, Zach LaVine, and Lauri Markkanen. Bridges could be the new version of Jimmy Butler if he is allowed to develop.
     -Hair Game: 2/10 Buzz, like Jackson he rocks the simple buzz cut but he has a solid beard connecting to it so he gets a little bump in the rating system.

8. Cavaliers: Michael Porter Jr. SF Mizzou Height: 6'10" Weight: 211 Age: 19
K: No matter what happens with LeBron in Cleveland this could be the steal of the draft. Unfortunately Porter missed basically the whole season at Mizzou because of back surgery which is not great for his draft stock but the guy's offensive game might be the best in the whole draft. He has a sweet shooting stroke and is a good athletic finisher around the rim. Of course he has to improve his ball handling and put up more then just offensive stats to avoid the Andrew Wiggins comparison. His potential is sky high as long as his injury concerns are nothing serious. Wherever he winds up he will be an offensive force.
     -Hair Game: 7/10 Short Curl with Fade and Part Line, Porter has a similar style to Ayton but it's a little shorter on top and he has the "part line" cut into it making it look crisp as hell.

9. Knicks: Wendell Carter Jr. PF/ C Duke Height: 6'10" Weight: 251 Age: 19
J: There is no way for the Knicks to really get this pick right. They are far from having any semblance of play style and outside of Porzingis they bring nothing to the table. They have at least one more year of bad contracts on the books before they can really retool their roster. That's why I take Carter here, he is going to be solid and will give the Knicks an offensive rebound machine. He is a shot blocker that can take the pressure off Porzingis on the defensive end. Not a great athletic guy but for a player his size he moves well and knows exactly where to be at the right time.
     -Hair Game: 6/10 Mini Afro, kind of rocks the mini afro, I am not exactly sure what to call it but the reason he gets a higher score is because he will add color to it sometimes and that needs to continue into the NBA.

10. Sixers: Miles Bridges, SF Michigan State Height: 6'6" Weight: 220 Age: 20
K: Another guy like Mikal Bridges who could have gone pro last year but decided to stay another year to improve his game. I think Miles is the most forgotten guy in this draft and the kid can ball. He isn't necessarily great at any one thing but is above average across the board and for a Sixers team looking to win now this is a great pick. He would give them solid bench minutes and contribute on both ends of the floor. His athleticism and finishing around the basket are superb, if he improves his handle he could be one of the best players of this draft.
     -Hair Game: 4/10 Buzz with Part Line, nothing special here but if he continues to rock the headband in the NBA I am all in for it.

11. Hornets: Collin Sexton, PG Alabama Height: 6'1" Weight: 183 Age: 19
J: The Hornets and their relationship with Kemba Walker has frayed and this movie makes the most sent to me. Sexton is the best point guard in this draft and he would step right in Kemba's role. He is a natural leader and an electric player who carried Alabama through the SEC Tournament. He would be a guy who would start from day one, I look for Kemba to be traded during the draft for another first round pick possibly.
     -Hair Game: 9/10 Afro Fade Blowout, for me Sexton has the best hair in the lottery, it just looks so damn good and I think it fits his personality perfectly for some reason. Don't ever change it Collin.

12. Clippers: Kevin Knox, SF Kentucky Height: 6'9" Weight: 213 Age: 18
K: I could see the Clippers packaging these next two picks and trying to move up in the draft but I really like Kevin Knox for them. He is 18 and has a lot of room for growth, he played on a crowded Kentucky team and by the end of the season became "the guy" for them. He is a raw talent but
showed flashes of his offensive prowess at Kentucky, he can finish with either hand and can score from a plethora of spots on the floor. He needs to improve his rebounding and defensive awareness to stay on the floor but he is only 18.
     -Hair Game: 4/10 Afro Fade, nothing special here, I told you the fade is THE haircut of these guys now. Someone needs cornrows.

13. Clippers: Zhaire Smith, SF Texas Tech Height: 6'4" Weight: 199 Age: 18
J: This is my favorite pick of the draft. The Clippers snag Zhaire and he turns their franchise into an unstoppable force that rolls through.....wait, my bad. Smith is a very good pick for the Clips here. I think he has fantastic upside and a great demeanor for an 18 year old kid. He reminds me a lot of Kawhi Leonard in that nobody knows who he is. He is an explosive above the rim player who has great defensive instincts. Like most guys of his skill set his offensive game is a work in progress but if he can put it all together watch out.
     -Hair Game: 3/10 Fade bowl cut? , Great name, great game, weak ass hair cut it looks like someone put a bowl on the crown of his head and shaved everything else around it. You do, you Zhaire.

14. Nuggets: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, PG/SG Kentucky Height: 6'6" Weight: 180
Age: 19
K: One of the most intriguing and frustrating prospects of the draft. Some games at UK he looked unstoppable and others you didn't realize he was on the court. He is a good defender and a solid playmaker but his offensive game is a work in progress. Think of a Michael Carter Williams type guy, but knowing the Nuggets they will trade the pick and whoever gets taken in this spot will be a franchise altering player.
     -Hair Game: 6/10 Fade but had some medium length dreads, he had a solid hairstyle and then cut it before a game against Louisville so he has a lot of potential here.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Big Willie Style: Actor vs Musician

There is a list of movies at my house that my youngest sister has not seen yet like Caddyshack, Animal House, and The Departed, just to name a few. Every few weeks we try to get together and knock a few off that list. Well this past weekend she came over and we watched I Am Legend. A great movie starring one of Hollywood's biggest stars, Will Smith. As we were watching Will survive in a post-apocalyptic New York it got me thinking, who is better Will Smith the actor or Will Smith the musician aka The Fresh Prince? Like Karl Anthony Towns of the Minnesota Timberwolves, you could call Will Smith a unicorn, a guy who has excelled at more then one thing while in Hollywood. I have also never met anyone who doesn't like the guy. Put on Gettin' Jiggy With It and everyone loses their minds or put in Men in Black and everyone will sit down to watch. I will give a brief background on his music and movie career, with the hits and the flops and ultimately one side of Will shall reign supreme.

                                  Music Career
Will got his start in music in 1985 by accidentally running into DJ Jazzy Jeff at a house party while Jeff was waiting for his hype man so Will stepped in. There was instant chemistry between the two and The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff duo was formed. Their first single, Girls Ain't Nothing but Trouble, was released in 1986 and set the tone for their music style. Prince and Jeff had a light hearted and fun story telling style of two kids in high school that people could relate to. In 1989 they received the first ever Grammy for Best Rap Performance for the single, Parents Just Don't Understand, which is still a classic today. The duo received their second Grammy in 1991 for the jam Summertime and it also landed them on the Billboard Hot 100 list topping out at #4. In '97 the duo decided to split, Will went on to do solo music and exploded onto the scene. He released the Men in Black theme and his album Big Willie Style. Big Willie Style got into the top 10 on the U.S. Billboard 200 and went platinum nine times with jams like Gettin' Jiggy With It, Miami, Just the Two of Us, Big Willie Style, and Men In Black. He also did the Wild, Wild, West theme song from the album Willennium and the Men In Black 2 theme, Black Suits Comin'. Willennium might not have been as popular as Big Willie Style but damn is that a great album name. He released his last album Lost and Found in 2005 which landed at #6 on the Billboard 200 and features the song Switch.

Music Hits
1. Parents Just Don't Understand: "You know parents are the same/No matter time nor place/ They don't understand that us kids/Are going to make some mistakes" Everyone at some point in their life has listened to this song and said, "damn Fresh Prince your right my parents don't understand high school or girls or etc." There aren't many songs you can look at and say that's some real talk right there.

2. Summertime: Probably the best song to cruise to when summer is just starting out, maybe the best song about any of the 4 seasons. Just a chill song that talks about the best season there is.

3. Gettin' Jiggy With It: Quite possibly my wife's favorite all time song and honestly I don't blame her at all. If this isn't played at a wedding reception did the reception even happen?

4. Miami: I have only been to Miami once and it was to catch a connecting flight, but the way Will talks about it in this song it sounds like an awesome place everyone should visit. "I only came for two days of playing/But every time I come I always wind up stayin'/This the type of town I could spend a few days in/ Miami the city that keeps the roof blazin'."

5. Wild, Wild, West and Men In Black: Both classic songs to go with some solid movies, everyone knows the words to MIB and if you don't I 100% do not believe you. He also has a dance off with an alien in the video that is pretty great.

Music Flops
1. Switch: It got good reviews and everything but when you have songs like the ones above this just does not compare at all.

2. Get Lit: He released this in 2017 and I hope you have never heard it. I had no idea this existed so I checked it out on YouTube and wish I could turn back time.

3. Wild, Wild, West: I know, I know I included this on both lists but wait till you see what he turned down to take the role in WWW.

4. Every other Will Smith song we have never heard of: He has released 9 albums (9 ALBUMS) which I did not realize so that is a lot of songs I had no idea existed. Now they could be alright but I am not giving them the benefit of the doubt.

                                                         Movie Career
Will broke onto the movie scene in 1995 with a little movie called Bad Boys starring Will and Martin Lawrence and made $141 million world wide, not bad for your first lead. He followed that up with Independence Day in '96 and that was the highest grossing movie at the time of it's release and this really put him on the map for acting. In '97 he released Men In Black which made $588 million. Bad Boys to Independence Day to MIB in the span of three years might be the best three years of any actors career to start. In '99 he made a decision I am surprised did not ruin his career, he turned down the role of Neo in the Matrix and did Wild, Wild, West instead. (That is why the song WWW is on the hits and flops) I don't know if I can picture a Will Smith Neo but damn, turning that down could have been devastating. He bounced back pretty well however, portraying Muhammad Ali in 2001 and earned an Oscar and Golden Globe nomination. In 2003 he reprised his role with Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys II which earned $270 million. Will took a 3 year break between Bad Boys and Pursuit of Happiness which is one of my favorite Will movies. It has an incredible story and his acting was extremely personal and heartfelt. 2007 saw him in what could be his best acting performance, I Am Legend. For most of the movie he is the only human on screen and he does a phenomenal job. He did Hancock in '08 and then MIB3 in '12, both which earned over $600 million but were not great movies. In 2013 he did After Earth with his son Jaden, granted I have never seen the film but it is probably the biggest flop of his acting career. It has a 4.9 rating on IMDB and barely earned $100 million. For a movie produced by M. Night Shyamalan and starring Will Smith that is considered a failure. He starred opposite of Margot Robbie in 2015 in Focus. I don't know a single person who has seen this movie. If anyone out there has seen it please let me know if its worth seeing. I remember seeing commercials for it and then it disappeared. In 2016 he was in Concussion, a huge movie that brought him back into the spotlight for his acting. Suicide Squad came out in 2016 and while the movie was complete garbage, our man Will put on a good display as Deadshot. His last movie was Bright in 2017 which is the most expensive Netflix movie to date but was considered a flop and got raked over the coals.

Movie Hits
1. Bad Boys: What a movie to break onto the scene with, one of his biggest and best movies. I can't believe this came out in '95 and you can still find it on cable TV. Extremely re-watchable and definitely a classic.

2. Independence Day: Along the same lines as Bad Boys, it's just a classic movie. If it is one TV and you find it, you will sit down and end up watching the whole movie. Bad Boys and Independence Day really set him up for his whole future.

3. Men In Black: Not only is this a great movie, it also set up his solo music career. I remember when this first came out and being scared of it, then growing up and finding it absolutely hilarious. If you haven't seen it recently I highly recommend dusting it off and re-watching it.

4. I Am Legend: Quite possibly the best acting of his career, he is the only human in most of the movie and really shows his acting skills. From his interactions with his dog to communicating with mannequins, I think this is my favorite Will Smith performance.

5. Concussion: Another movie that he really proved his acting skills. He portrays Dr. Bennet Omalu a Nigerian-American who led the charge against the brain disease CTE. Smith is fantastic in this film and was lauded for being "sensitive and understated" in his portrayal.

Movie Flops
1. Hancock: This is one of those films that earned a lot of money but no one has ever seen more than once. When you ask your friends about it they will say "it was fine but I would wait for it to come out on DVD or Netflix to see it."

2. After Earth: One of the worst movies of his career and I already went into detail on it above but yikes this was bad.

3. Suicide Squad: Will was fine in the movie so I'm not sure it should land here but Jesus, this was a flaming bag of shit. Someone tell me what Jared Leto was doing and now he has his own Joker movie coming out?

4. Bright: This has a 26% rating on Rotten Tomatoes......

                                                          Overall Decision
This is an incredibly difficult decision for me to choose the Actor Will or Musician Will; I love them both. Musician Will had some of the best songs when I was a kid and songs I still listen to today but Actor Will has some insanely good movies. His career is pretty phenomenal when you really look at it and not many people have been as accomplished in both acting and music. His acting career has probably been more profitable and well known but damn that music career is no joke. The way I am going to answer the question is this: If I was deserted on an island what would I want more, music from Will or movies from Will? For me personally, I am choosing the Fresh Prince over actor Will. There are a lot of Will songs I don't know but I could honestly have an iPod with about 10 Will songs and be alright. Give me Gettin' Jiggy, Summertime, Nightmare on My Street, Parents Just Don't Understand, Miami, MIB, Wild, Wild, West, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I could definitely survive with that and be extremely happy.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Worst Villains to Battle Our Action Stars: Part 2

Part 2 of the Action Stars is ready to roll! Check it out below and as always make sure to share it with your friends and family!

Liam Neeson
     Honorable Mentions:
       1. Star Wars Episode I- He had some pretty formidable foes in this one; Darth Maul, Emperor Palpatine, and possibly the worst one, Jar-Jar Binks. It's a real bummer he dies.
       2. The Grey- Liam plays a oil worker who also happens to be an extremely skilled huntsman, so when the plane goes down this is a guy you want with you. The plane crashes in Alaska and if that wasn't enough they are tracked by a ruthless pack of wolves.
       3. Non-Stop- I have only flown once and it was pretty terrifying for me, being on a plane with a US Marshall seems comforting right? Wrong, this Marshall played by Neeson keeps receiving random text messages demanding $150 million or every 20 minutes a passenger will die. Yeah, no thanks.

      Top Villains:
       1. Taken
           Villain: Albanian Sex Traffickers
Of course this movie made the list, this honestly might be one of the best action movies of the last 10 years (how is it possible this movie came out in 2008?). If you have been living under a rock for the last decade here's a quick rundown: Liam's daughter is going on a trip Paris with another friend (of course he is skeptical of this idea) and while overseas his daughter and her friend are abducted and the sex trafficker tells Neeson, "Good luck". Little does he know Neeson is a bad ass retired CIA field agent. Our boy has 96 hours to find his daughter before she disappears into a sex trafficking ring forever, so he does everything possible to get her back. The guys he battles against are no joke man, there are a few shootouts and hand to hand combat scenes that challenge Neeson to the fullest. You ever seen a man die from being electrocuted by a light switch? Also, Ellen comments that it's an interesting one to watch with your father.

       2. Battleship
           Villain: Extraterrestrials
This could be one of the worst movies on our list. It's pretty bad but that doesn't stop it from having some serious villains and another plus, Rihanna is in it. A few alien ships land on Earth and start an all out assault planning to conquer the planet and make it their own. Liam stars as the an Admiral and leads the battle plan against the aliens. Three points on this movie: 1. I have seen this movie and I do not remember a damn thing about it. 2. I honestly have no idea why it is titled Battleship I thought it was named for the classic board-game but there are no references to that. Can someone fill me in on the name? Surely it isn't named this because the movie is on the sea and ships are battling, that might be the lamest thing ever. 3. I don't ever remember seeing the aliens in this movie but they conquer planets and that's the reason they make the list here.

       3. Schindler's List
           Villain: Nazi Germany
Battleship is probably the worst movie on this list but Schindler's List is probably the best. Liam plays Oskar Schindler, a member of the Nazi party. He gets a factory and begins producing enamelware hiring a few Jewish workers because they cost less. Obviously, as the movie progresses Germany becomes stronger and stronger with time but Oskar continues to support the Jewish community. Eventually he ends up saving more than 1,100 Jewish people from going to Auschwitz, he spends his entire fortune to help people he is supposed to help kill. (Seems like an idea that should be adopted today) Being a Nazi but choosing to save Jewish lives is an incredible battle Liam undertakes during this film. Going against Nazi Germany was a death sentence but instead our guy survived and saved hundreds of lives. It's also a true story which is even more incredible.

Steven Seagal
  A quick comment before we get to Steve's movies, IMDB credits him with 56 movies (which seems low) but I am almost positive he has only done action movies. It took me a remarkable amount of time to go through his filmography.

    Honorable Mentions:
       1. Marked for Death- Steve plays a former DEA agent who just wants to move back to his hometown and relax but it's never that easy. He discovers his hometown has been taken over by a Jamaican gang and their leader SCREWFACE (arguably the best name ever next to Snake Plissken).
       2. Glimmer Man- First of all, what a name for a movie man. Seagal plays a former government operative known as, you guessed it, "The Glimmer Man." How did he get this name you ask? He was so stealthy his enemies would only see a glimmer before he took them out. That's all you need to know about this one.
       3. Deadly Ground- Steve plays Forrest Taft, a specialist that deals with oil-drilling fires which is an incredibly specific role. He is called in to work on a fire that starts after an oil company starts cutting corners and ends with Taft kicking ass and taking names.

Top Villains:
       1. Fire Down Below
           Villain: Dirty Coal Company
Seagal has no mercy for individuals who are destroying the Earth and her resources, Hanner Coal Company falls into that category. Hanner is getting paid to dump toxins into an abandoned mine shaft and Jack Taggert is called to investigate these goons. (Side note, it seems like Seagal has played every single type of government agent) As Taggert begins investigating he is threatened by the son of Hanner Coal and a corrupt sheriff plus a few of their thugs. Of course Steve doesn't back down, so the bad dudes declare war on him, a decision they will learn to regret. At one point in the movie they put two rattlesnakes in the place Taggert is staying but they are no match for him. He quickly catches them alive and puts them in the bad dude's car causing them to crash. The owner of Hanner Coal is Orin Hanner Sr., who is wanted on crimes of murder, corruption, racketeering, and conspiracy. Orin is also destroying the Earth and passing all these "life lessons" onto his son, he is definitely not someone I would want to mess with.
       2. The Patriot
           Villain: Rebel Militia and Deadly Virus
Steve plays a local doctor and former government research immunologist by the name of Wesley McClaren who lives in Ennis, Montana. He gets summoned to a hospital when people start dying from an unknown disease. The virus is traced back to a rebel militia leader, Floyd Chisholm, who is a nasty son of a bitch. While on trial, he injects the virus in himself and spits on the judge continuing the spread of the disease. Floyd's followers attack the prison he is being held in and free him and then take the hospital for themselves. They realize the hospital does not have a cure and make Wesley work to find one. He finds his daughter has been infected by the virus but is fighting it off, how is that possible? Eventually he discovers why, she has been drinking a tea made with a specific herb known to Native American healers. That might be the most ridiculous thing I have ever written but it fits perfectly for a Steven Seagal movie.

       3. Against the Dark
           Villain: Infected Humans Strongly Resembling Vampires and a Bomb
In a post-apocalyptic world that is ravaged by a disease that turns humans into creatures that I am convinced are simply vampires, Seagal plays a dude named Tao. He is the leader of vigilantes trying to save a group of people trapped in a hospital. There is no known cure for this disease and there a very few survivors. Not only do the vigilantes have to fight their way through the hospital against the human/vampire infected but the army base is planning on dropping a bomb on the hospital at dawn to sterilize the area. These human/vampires are no joke and that's why they take the final spot for Mr. Seagal.

Tom Cruise
     Honorable Mentions:
       1. The Firm- This is an awesome book written by John Grisham that I highly recommend, I have never seen the movie but need to check it out. Tom battles against his employer, a high powered law firm dealing in tax fraud, money laundering, and murder.
       2. Minority Report- Set in the 2054, Cruise plays a PreCrime Police Captain by the name of John Anderton. PreCrime Police? In the future this sector of police can stop murderers before they commit their crime and John has shown up on their radar.
       3. The Mummy- First off I have to say I will never see this movie because Brendan Frasier's Mummy was the shit. A group of US soldiers accidentally unearth the ancient tomb of an Egyptian Princess and, basically, she is a bad ass bitch.

Top Villains:
       1. Legend
           Villain: Lord of Darkness
This sounds like one wild ass movie, listen to some of these characters: Lord of Darkness, a few goblins named Blix, Pox, and Blunder, a hotheaded elf Honeythorn Gump, and dwarves Brown Tom and Screwball. I mean what kind of drugs were the creators of this one on? Tom plays Jack and starts off as a bad guy but realizes the error in his way and goes up against the Lord of Darkness. I don't have to tell you about this guy because with a name like that I am definitely not messing with him. He is also played by Tim Curry who is a strange ass dude.
       2. Mission Impossible 2
           Villain: Sean Ambrose and a Biological Weapon
Just in case you didn't know Mission Impossible 6 is about to come out this summer, how did we get here? Anyway, Tom plays Ethan Hunt in MI2 and does battle against the rogue IMF agent Sean Ambrose. Ambrose snuck into the US using Hunt's alias and brought a new bio weapon, Chimera, with him. Chimera causes death by mass destruction of the victim's red blood cells. Yeah... that doesn't sound like something I want to play around with and that's why Sean Ambrose ends up on this list.

       3. Edge of Tomorrow
           Villain: Mimics and Time Loop
Tom portrays a public relations officer (Major William Cage) with no combat experience who gets thrown into battle against an alien race, known as Mimics, attacking Earth. He gets killed fairly quickly but wakes up the day before the battle and realizes he is in a time loop that sends him back to the day before the battle every time he dies. Eventually he teams up with Emily Blunt who helps to improve his battle skills. Cage has to find the "Omega" and destroy it or the battle and time loop will continue, but of course the Omega is not easily found. This alien race is no joke, I mean look at that picture! These things are quite scary looking and are trying to take over Earth. Good thing we have Tom (and Emily) on our side.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Worst Villains to Battle our Favorite Action Stars

I know everyone has been asking, "when is the next Going Off Topic piece coming out?" Well your in luck people today is that day and this piece is going to be followed by a few more! Everyone loves a good action movie and the actors who play in them so it got me thinking, who are some of their best villains? So I did a lot of research, I looked at 14 of the biggest action movie stars and every movie they starred in to get the ultimate list of villains and adversaries they have battled. It took a lot of time but the first piece is finally ready to go! Let's get to it and enjoy all of these awesome movies.

Jason Statham
     Honorable Mentions:
       1. Ghosts of Mars- Starring alongside Ice Cube, they battle miners who have been taken over by ghosts and have to destroy a nuclear reactor to vaporize all the ghosts.
       2. War- Statham must take down a mysterious assassin known as Rogue (played by Jet Li) Statham and Jet Li, what a combo.
       3. The Meg- This is not even out yet but I cannot wait to see it, our boy battles a 70 foot prehistoric shark. This could easily jump into the top 3 once it is out.

     Top Villains:
       1. Crank 1 and 2
           Villain: Verona and his own damn heart.
If you haven't seen these movies, turn off your computer run to your nearest video store or whatever is close and get them immediately. I guarantee a few hours of fun. In Crank, Statham plays a British hitman named Chev Chelios (great damn name) who becomes poisoned. What does this poison do you ask? It requires Chev to keep his adrenaline flowing and his heart rate elevated, well knowing Jason Statham this isn't a problem. He kicks some serious ass and takes a lot of drugs to keep his ticker going while tracking down Verona, the man who poisoned him. Having this poison and being able to inject an enemy is serious shit in my book. In Crank 2, Chelios battles a Chinese mobster Johnny Vang and a new heart. Vang stole his old heart and replaced it with a battery operated one, basically like a car battery. If he does not continuously charge the battery then the heart will stop, ultimately killing our boy. Completely outrageous? Oh, yes. Absolutely awesome? You bet your ass it is.

     2. Revolver
         Villain: Macha (Ray Liotta) and a rare disease that causes death in 3 days.
Every Jason Statham movie is guaranteed to be bad ass and involve a ton of action, Revolver is no different. Statham plays Jake Green who gets involved with Macha (Liotta) in a casino and it spirals out of control. This leads to Green being imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit. When Green gets out of prison he goes to one of Macha's casinos and wins a bunch of money. Because of this Macha puts a hit out on Green. As the movie progresses, Green finds out he has a rare disease that will cause him to die in 3 days (tough luck man...). So he is battling this disease while dealing with hitmen from Macha coming after him. Macha is a cold ass dude and you will have to check this one out to see how the story ends.

     3. Safe
        Villain: Triads, Russian Mob, and corrupt NYC cops
That is one hell of a list of people to go up against in one movie. Our guy plays Luke Wright, an ex-cop and former cage fighter (not sure why this is important but it's awesome) who winds up protecting a gifted child from the Russian Mafia, the Triads, and corrupt NYC cops. I don't think I have to tell you why this one makes the list, he goes up against a variety of bad asses. It has everything: fights on a subway, a lot of gunfire, and a genius 12 year old girl. If that is not your kind of movie then, respectfully, you're a fool.

Bruce Willis
      Honorable Mentions:
       1. Die Hard With a Vengeance- Bruce reprises his role as John McClane and battles against Hans Gruber's brother, Simon. Simon uses bomb threats to terrorize NYC until McClane steps in. Villainy runs in the Gruber family I suppose.
       2. 12 Monkeys- Talk about one hell of a plot. The time is 2035 and BW is playing James Cole. In 1996, a deadly virus is is released that almost wipes out all of humanity. Cole is sent back in time to stop the 12 Monkeys from releasing the virus and in turn saving the species.
       3. Once Upon a Time in Venice- You never mess with a man's dog but apparently Spyder and his gang didn't get the memo in this one. Spyder steals Bruce's dog and all hell breaks loose across LA as he hunts down the gang and tries to get his dog back.

     Top Villains:
       1. Die Hard
          Villain: Hans Gruber
Easily one of the best action movies ever while also being a great Christmas classic, that's something you can't say too often. I will give you a little breakdown but if you have not seen this movie, shame one you. Bruce plays John McClane, an NYPD detective visiting his estranged wife and kids in LA. It's Christmas time and he meets his wife at her place of work, Nakatomi tower, for the company Christmas party. During the party, Hans Gruber and his gang of thugs take over the tower with dastardly plans in mind. Hans is a smart and cunning villain that tests every ounce of John McClane's will and that is why he finds himself on this list. Hans is arguably the greatest villain of all time. (R.I.P. Alan Rickman)

       2. Last Man Standing
          Villain: Italian and Irish mobs
Set in 1932 Texas, BW plays a wanderer by the name of John Smith (very creative, I know) who finds his way into the town of Jericho. While pulling into town he notices a pretty woman crossing the street and this is where Smith encounters trouble. Smith comes across Finn and some other Irish mobsters who destroy his car. Smith is recruited by the Italian gang in town as they plan to eliminate the Irish mob, one thing leads to another and Smith finds himself playing the gangs against each other and winding up in a mess of bullets and fists. The two gang leaders, Fredo Strozzi and Doyle, are some devious guys you would not want to encounter. A lot of killing and kidnapping lead to John Smith battling both gangs.

       3. Armageddon
           Villain: Asteroid and extinction
Another classic movie from big Bruce, he takes on the role of Harry Stamper who is considered the best deep sea oil driller in the world. He is recruited by NASA to blow up an asteroid that will hit Earth in 18 days and will cause a second extinction event, pretty serious right? So NASAs plan is to land two specialized space shuttles on this asteroid and detonate a thermonuclear bomb to blow the asteroid in half so it zooms past Earth. Good luck Harry. I don't know about you but extinction is nothing something I want to think about and if this asteroid is going to cause it, that is a serious force to be reckoned with.

The Rock
      Honorable Mentions:
       1. Wrestling Career- Dwayne had one hell of a wrestling career and battled some all time great wrestlers; The Undertaker, Big Show, Triple H, Booker T, and most famously Stone Cold Steve Austin.
       2. Rampage- This looked to be one of the worst movies of all time but he still had to fight some pretty intense animal mutations alongside his own genetically mutated albino gorilla.
       3. G.I. Joe Retaliation- I haven't seen this movie but it looks to be another horrible movie starring our guy. He does battle against the evil organization, Cobra, who have taken over the free world by impersonating the President and framing the Joe's as the enemy.

     Top Villains:
       1. Scorpion King
           Villain: Memnon and Cassandra
Our guy does battle with Memnon who becomes King because he is their greatest warrior, but turns out he is a ruthless guy and not a great leader. Memnon has an evil sorceress who is the source of his success as a warrior as she can look to the future and predict the outcomes of his battles. Seems a little unfair, right? The Rock plays Mathayus who is hired by King Pheron to kill Memnon's sorcerer for twenty blood rubies, I wish I knew how much twenty blood rubies transferred to but it has to be a good amount if you trying to kill a sorceress. Memnon kills Mathayus half-brother among some other pretty bad shit and proves to be a worthy adversary for Mathayus.

       2. Doom
          Villain: Genetically Enhanced Humans/Aliens
Loosely based on the classic video game series, the Rock plays a marine who battles some serious human/alien evolution hybrids. His group of marines are sent to a lab where they find ancient skeletons of a genetically enhanced humanoid race, which is problem number one. Eventually they stumble upon an unknown creature in a lab, they are able to kill the creature and examine it. While examining the creature they discover it has human organs (problem number two), the team ends up discovering the lab was experimenting on humans using the Martian Chromosome (wait, what?????). These creatures are scary, killing machines, and they absolutely belong on this list.

       3. San Andreas
           Villain: Giant Earthquake and Tsunami... Mother Nature
Easily one of the best movies The Rock has ever done. He is an LA Fire Department Air Rescue pilot (Ray) who battles probably the biggest earthquake in history. Now the crazy thing is, this has a chance of happening, maybe not a good chance but that San Andreas Fault is nothing to miss with. Anyway, Ray goes toe to toe with this giant earthquake which leads to a giant tsunami in order to save his wife and daughter. There isn't a body count for this earthquake and tsunami but according to Google there are more then 800,000 people who live in San Fran and, by the looks of the catastrophe, I am assuming most of them died in this movie. But our boy Ray battled against it and if you haven't seen this movie turn on any TV and there is a good chance it will be on. It's horrible... but it's so great.

There you have it people the first action stars blog is complete but don't worry there are plenty of pieces to come! We still have 11 more actors to cover and that means a lot more awesome and bad ass movies to look at. Let me know what you think and make sure to share it with your friends and family!

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The Ultimate Guide to 3 Point Celebrations

There are multiple three point celebrations in basketball but which ones are the best? Lucky for you I did the research and all you have to do is read this post; welcome to the ultimate guide to the three point celebration! Each celebration was put to the test using these metrics: the level of disrespect the celebration shows, the creativeness of the celebration, how often the celebration has been imitated, and the difficulty of the celebration. I did a little work to try and find out who started the celebration as well which was pretty fun. One of the major points of these celebrations is knowing when to use them, if you hit a game winning three then by all means pull one of these out, but if your down by 15 and use one of these you're a fool... the moment has to be just right. 


1. Three Point Goggles:
     a. Originator: It seems like this move has been around for a long time so finding the first person to use this was a little difficult, however it is definitely Nick Young's go to move in the NBA now. 
     b. Level of Disrespect: This is a pretty classy, fun, and harmless move. You're not hurting the team by lagging back on defense and the other team might not even realize you did the move. Just because it's low on disrespect doesn't mean it won't get the crowd fired up if you use it right.
     c. Creativeness: Using the "3 point symbol" with your hands and creating goggles is not incredibly creative but the simplicity still gets the point across.
     d. Imitated: EVERYONE uses this move, from high school up to the pros you will see the three point goggles on any court
  e. Difficulty: Like the creativity, this one is super simple and a toddler can do it but if you use it at the right time the crowd and your teammates will love it.

2. Three Point Jet:
     a. Originator: Jason "the Jet" Terry 
     b. Disrespect: Running around the court bent over using your arms as airplane wings with the "3" symbol on your hands? In my book that would probably upset your opponent and their fans. If the Jet is on your team and he uses this celebration you know he just hit a massive shot.
     c. Creativeness: If Jason Terry is the true originator of this move, I rank this high for creativity. He is a great three point shooter and he incorporated his name into his signature move. Right on Jet
     d. Imitated: Terry is still playing in the NBA somehow so you don't see other guys use his move very often but I think I have see JR Smith use it a time or two.
 e. Difficulty: We have all made the airplane symbol when we were kids so this move isn't terribly difficult just bend at the waist and zig zag around the court like an airplane.

3. Three Point Guns:
     a. Originator: Like the three point goggles it was hard to find the first person to do this move but a lot of my research led me to Russell Westbrook using it early in his career. 
     b. Disrespect: This one is downright disrespectful. Using your hands as guns, blowing the imaginary smoke from the barrels, then holstering them... damn, that might cause the other team to take a timeout.
     c. Creativeness: I enjoy this celebration and find it pretty creative, there are multiple parts to it and it is guaranteed to get the crowd going and kill the other team. You know you are on fire when you pull this celebration out.
     d. Imitated: This one isn't used as often as some of the other celebrations which is a real bummer, someone needs to dust the three point guns off and bring them back.
     e. Difficulty: It's simple yet complex, there are multiple parts and each one has to be executed right and in the correct order for the celebration to work. 

4. Cooking/Stirring the Pot:
     a. Originator: James Harden from Lil' B
     b. Disrespect: With this celebration you are signaling to the other team that you are starting to heat up, which is nice of you to do but also bad for the other team
     c. Creativeness: Lil' B apparently started this one but Harden brought it to the NBA and it has become his move. Lil' B gave Harden his permission to use it and the Houston crowd loves when Harden starts cooking.
     d. Imitated: There are a few variations of this move but be careful if Lil' B sees it he might lay down his curse and then you are in serious trouble.
     e. Difficulty: It should be a fairly simple celebration but screw it up and you will look absolutely ridiculous.

5. Three to the Head:
     a. Originator: Carmelo Anthony
     b. Disrespect: I had to add this one to the list because I love Melo but it's been a rough year for him and you haven't seen this to often. The celebration isn't necessarily disrespect but Melo being stuck on the Knicks all those years was.
     c. Creativeness: Creating your own move definitely earns you a few points here but in all honesty, this a pretty simple move.
     d. Imitated: This is one of those moves you will see in all levels of basketball, go to the YMCA and some guy will probably start doing it after he hits a few threes. Keep dreaming d bag. 
     e. Difficulty: Probably the easiest move to use on this list.

6. Chest Tap and Point to the Sky/Three Point Gods:
     a. Originator: Steph Curry
     b. Disrespect: If Steph drills a deep three and does this, just know you have been warned and are in for a long night.
     c. Creativeness: Steph makes so many threes so he doesn't need to be overly creative and anything more than this would be over the top. This is also one of the only celebrations that doesn't incorporate the three symbol.
     d. Imitated: Being Steph's move, no one in the NBA is going to use this unless they want Draymond kicking them in the nuts.
     e. Difficulty: Go ahead try this right now, even you can do this one. I believe in you. 

7. Three Shotgun:
     a. Originator: All my research said the Warriors were the creators of this celebration.
     b. Disrespect: Using your arms as weapons and loading them after nailing a three? Pretty suggestive and if you use both arms look out. This is probably my favorite celebration.
     c. Creativeness: I think this is one of the most creative celebrations on this list, who would honestly think of this and incorporate it into a game of basketball?
     d. Imitated: Literally everyone uses this, go to your brother's or sister's high school game and you will see it. After that, hit up your Dad's rec league game and even he might use it. 
     e. Difficulty: This one is a little more technical than the others, make sure to practice in the mirror before using it in a game to avoid looking like a fool.

8. Three Point Antennas:
     a. Originator: Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles
     b. Disrespect: Not very disrespectful but you are letting the other team know you are on your game tonight.
     c. Creativeness: Weird? Absolutely. Creative? Maybe.
     d. Imitated: This is another one you will see all over the place but it's kind of an old school move. It would be nice to see it make a comeback.
     e. Difficulty: Easy to do but if you somehow screw it up the other team might think you're nuts.

9. Praise to the Three Point God:
     a. Originator: JR Smith
     b. Disrespect: One of the most disrespectful celebrations you can use in a game. When JR nails a big time shot and pulls this out the other team is usually forced to take a timeout. Just check out that GIF, this one is nuts.
     c. Creativeness: This one is pretty intricate with a lot of moving parts so it scores pretty high here, only JR could come up with this and pull it off.
     d. Imitated: No one but JR can get away with this one.
     e. Difficulty: Like I said for creativeness, this one is a serious move and unless you hit a game winning shot stay away from it.

10. Dialing Long Distance:

     a. Originator: Caron Butler
     b. Disrespect: Stopping in your tracks after hitting a big shot and answering an imaginary phone? Doesn't sound bad but wait till someone does it to you.
     c. Creativeness: After hitting a "long distance" shot you answer a long distance call, I love it.
     d.  Imitated: I have never seen this one before and I wish someone would bring it back.
     e. Difficulty: Everyone has done this as a kid.

11. Big Balls:
     a. Originator: Sam Cassell
     b. Disrespect: By far the most disrespectful moves on this list. Pull this out in an NBA game and you will be getting a call from the league office with a fine.
     c. Creativeness: Making the game winning shot and showing the opposition you have big stones for taking and making the shot! I love this one too and you have to give it a few creativity points.
     d. Imitated: You hardly see this move because of the consequences but when it's done and done right everyone will lose it.
     e. Difficulty: Reach down toward your groin region and hold your enormous marbles whilst running down the court, pretty simple but watch out for your opponent coming to kick your ass.

So there you have it, the ultimate guide to three point celebrations. My two favorites have to be the three point shotgun and the big balls, what are your favorites? Did I miss something you like? Who knows what these guys will think of next. Well let me know and make sure to subscribe to the blog to get updates in your email!

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